BLACK FINISH: New black PVD finish for the GlassFit CC-800 and GlassFit CC-775 railing systems

Comenza, a Galician brand specialized in the development of industrialized railing and handrail systems, presents the PVD BLACK FINISH for its GlassFit CC-800 and GlassFit CC-775 glass railing systems, as an alternative to the stainless-steel finish polished and satin.

This PVD finish is applied to the stainless-steel product by means of a vapor deposition technique (Physical Vapor Deposition), which provides great resistance to external factors such as:

  • Exposure to UV rays
  • Detergents, and solvents
  • Contamination

The new BLACK FINISH is available for the GlassFit CC-800 clamp system and for the GlassFit CC-775 button, both glass railings designed for private use in Spain. They support a horizontal load of 0,8 kN/m, with a safety coefficient of 1.5, according to the safety requirements of the CTE.

GlassFit CC-800

The GlassFit CC-800 clamp system for glass railings is the ideal solution for professionals who require robust designer railings clean and stylish. The anchoring system allows the installation of panels up to 1700 mm for private use and 1400 mm for public use, obtaining an elegant result with a minimalist aesthetic. The price of the system is lower than similar ones, since, by allowing greater modulation, the number of clamps needed per meter of railing is lower, as well as the number of anchors and the time needed for installation.

This system is more efficient in the installation. The Level 3D device, a three-axis leveling system, and the Slot 180 device, a slotted positioning system for linear adjustment, incorporated in the clamp, allow a perfect adjustment of the glass, even if there are irregularities in the slab, since this system has been designed to be able to be leveled with the glass resting on the clamps.

GlassFit CC-775


The side adapter in stainless steel AISl-316 system for glass railing, incorporates the new Level 2D device that allows the glass panels to be levelled quickly and easily, even with the glass installed.
Designed in accordance with CTE regulations for private use (0.8 kN) such as single-family homes, hotel balconies, residential building balconies, stairs, etc.



Comenza systems guarantee the safety of the railing, and now with BLACK FINISH, the design possibilities are multiplied. If you want to know more details about BLACK FINISH, contact.