CC-736 and
CC-737 glass

Complement your glass balustrade with our new GlassFit CC-736 and CC-737 glass clamps

Glass panes perfectly aligned with our new GlassFit CC736 and CC-737 glass clamps

Thanks to its elegant designs, our GlassFit CC-736 (for straight balustrades) and GlassFit CC-737 (for corner balustrades) glass clips are the ideal complement for our GlassFit glass railing systems. Both clips are easily identifiable because of their sleek and minimalist designs, perfect for combining with any Comenza GlassFit glass railing system. Thanks to its unique looks, quickly identifiable as a Comenza design, they provide an extra to any glass balustrade.

The safety of the users of their railing systems is a constant priority for Comenza, and these two new pieces are no exception: in fact, both provide a stable grip and minimize the sway, while contributing to the leveling of the glass panes and increasing the stability of the whole railing.

Both GlassFit CC-737 and GlassFit CC-736 glass clamps are very easy to install: special tools or drilling glass panes are no longer required, just a conventional Allen wrench. They are also quite versatile: they can be installed in glass panes of thickness between 8 and 21.52 mm.

Both clips are made of high quality AISI-316 steel, so they are low maintenance and rust free.

GlassFit CC-736 and GlassFit CC-737 are available in two finishes: satin or mirror polished.

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