Enhance the visual impact of any project with the new GlassFit CC-772 system

New GlassFit CC-772 Glass railing system: security meets transparency, with a minimalist design.

Our GlassFit glass railing systems are internationally renowned because of their elegant lines and minimalistic structure. Features that our brand new GlassFit CC-772 system take to the maximum level. Our new generation of standoffs removes unnecessary visual impacts of the traditional railing systems.

Our new standoffs make completely transparent glass railing systems possible, suitable to any space, and totally safe. GlassFit CC-772 provide a streamlined, modern and elegant look according to the latest architectural trends.

Quick and easy specification.
We have the aim of making the specification of our railing systems a quick and simple process: on our website, architects can find and download all the documentation and information they’ll need in order to specify our products: descriptive reports, CAD files with construction details, technical anchor recommendations, tests and certificates, etc.

Installation: Slab irregularities are no longer a problem.

All of our glass railing systems ensure economic and simple installations: assembling GlassFit CC-772 glass Railings is easy and quick. Levelling glass panes is a breeze, thanks to our exclusive Slot 360 and Level 2D innovative devices. These devices can level irregularities up to 5mm in less than a minute.

Guaranteed security.
These glass railing systems have been designed and tested for complete safety. We at Comenza have our tests load certified by Applus +, according to the strict CTE standards for uses in private spaces (0,8kN/m), such as single-family homes, hotel or residential buildings balconies, etc. GlassFit CC-772 are manufactured using only AISI-316 stainless steel. Our standoffs allow 6+6, 8+8 or 10+10mm tempered-laminated glasses; or tempered glass panes between 10 and 19 mm.