GlassFit CC-782 by Comenza

The GlassFit CC-782 Glass Railing System from Comenza solves the architectural challenge of achieving total transparency on balustrades, so these protective elements do not become an ugly visual barrier. Elements that can be subtly integrable in all kinds of designs and spaces; And in addition, elements capable of providing complete security for the end user.

Exclusive and unique design:
Compared to other cloned systems, the unique design of Comenza, characterized by its simple lines and subtle forms, offers unprecedented creative freedom for the architect: it perfectly combines form and function, while providing a modern and elegant appearance that follows avant-garde architectural lines. Thanks to its design, GlassFit CC782 can adapt to any particular living space, whether interior or exterior.

Maximum safety for the end user:
This system has been entirely designed to guarantee total safety to its end users. Comenza has conducted Applus certified load tests for installation in private use spaces (0,8kN), such as hotel balconies, residential buildings, or single-family homes.

Easy and quick installation:
Comenza guarantees economic, simple and fast installations. This new GlassFit CC-782 system is no exception: the installation is way much more comfortable, because it is not necessary to drill the glass panes, and because it is not necessary to carry out spectacular manipulations of the glass, which means much less hassle. In addition, GlassFit CC-782 incorporates Comenza’s exclusive Level 3D technology, which makes it possible to avoid unevenness in the flooring, while a perfect aligning of the glasses, all in a quickly and easy manner.

GlassFit CC-782 is manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316, to avoid rust problems, and it is available in two different and attractive finishes: mirror polished or satin, allowing a total adaptability to each project.

This new system allows placing laminated and tempered-laminated glass of 6+ 6mm and 8+8mm thicknesses, or 12/15mm tempered glasses.

At, you will find all the technical documentation (technical specs, CAD details, load tests, etc.) you may need to specify our railing systems in an agile, fast and hassle-free manner.

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