GlassFit New
Generation railing
systems obtains

GlassFit New Generation railing systems obtains Applus+ certification

Comenza passion´s for safety in the development of their railing systems has been rewarded in this occasion with the Applus+ certifications for the railing systems of the successful range GlassFit New Generation mod. SV-1301 / SV-1302 / CC-780 and CC-775.

Applus+ Certificates guarantee our customers that GlassFit New Generation railing systems meet the current regulations of the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE) about the linear loads that railings have to resist.

On top of that, as a result of obtaining these certifications after rigorous test, our railing systems are the perfect solution for their use in hotel projects, residential and office buildings, family houses, shopping centers, etc.

These certifications along with the technical office service that Comenza provides to architects and specifiers make us the safest and reliable choice of the entire modular railings system market