Greater firmness and ease of installation with the new AV-605 wall cap.

The new AV-605, compatible with the RP-1400 handrail tube, offers continuous wall-to-wall tube installation thanks to its design, capable of adjusting up to 12MM on each side of the railing. In the case of mounting on glass, a minimum separation of 22MM can be achieved between the glass and the wall.

The fastening between the AV-605 and the tube, by means of NBR rubbers, will avoid any possible damage to the external surface of the tube during installation and will also absorb any type of vibration or movement once the system is assembled.

This system brings together the differential values ​​of the Comenza brand:

Easy installation: The low number of components that make up the AV-605, allows for simple and quick mounting of the handrail.

Safety: Greater firmness and strength thanks to the optimal grip between the AV-605 and the RP-1400, avoiding possible vibrations or movements in the final assembly of the system.

Design: The continuous wall-to-wall finish of the RP-1400 tube provides a clean and sophisticated finish to the railing.

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