New CC-775

New CC-775 system

Enables levelling of glass panels, even with the glass installed

Based on contributions from our clients and ongoing work by our R&D+i department, we are presenting the new button system for CC-775 glass railings. This system provides a solution to the significant inconvenience of the traditional devices, as it enables levelling even with the glass installed.
The system was designed in accordance with the CTE standard for use in private spaces (0.8 kN), such as single-family homes, hotel balconies, residential building balconies, staircases, etc.
The new CC-775 system combines all the differentiating values of the Comenza brand:

• Proprietary and distinguished design

• Safety guarantee by virtue of compliance with all legal and regulatory technical requirements

• Ease of installation, including levelling devices that make the installation process quick and easy:

– Slot 360: Interior device that enables a 360º adjustment in positioning the part base. It is possible to complete the installation, even if the centre of the drill hole for each of the anchors has deviated from the assembly position by up to a maximum of ± 8 mm in any direction

– Level 2D: Used to install ironwork with irregularities of up to 5mm