handrail systems

New Comenza handrails with height adjustment incorporated

At Comenza we create and improve new railing and handrail systems that meet people’s needs. Thanks to this philosophy, we designed our new stainless steel handrail systems that allow height adjustment and have been optimized for a quick and easy installation. The SA-490 and SA-491 systems can be installed both indoors and outdoors using, thanks to its excellent quality of stainless steel, AISI-316.

Comenza’s innovation team has differentiated the design of both systems, round (SA-490) and square (SA-491), thus offering the possibility to use different types of handrails with a height adjustment system. The adaptable support for handrails is made of a metal base that has holes for its installation, and that once installed is hidden with a trim, together with the body of the support, which houses a captive screw to hold the piece on the support of the handrail

Designed for a quick and easy installation

The SA-491 system includes a rubber to create the interference between the base and the bezel. While the SA-490, has a system for fixing the trim with fins on the base, allowing an optimal fit. In both systems, the disposition of the set screw in the support allows to adjust the separation between the handrail tube and the surface where it is fixed, from a minimum height of 98MM to a maximum height of 128MM. This height adjustment makes it possible to absorb surface irregularities in the handrail support clamping area, finally achieving a well leveled handrail.

The distribution of the anchoring holes in the new Comenza handrail systems is designed to have an easy access fix of the piece on the wall. This hole arrangement allows the installer to leave the set screw oriented in the desired direction, for an easier installation and to make it less visible. Also, the design allows multiple mounting combinations with other handrail brackets for different tubes (round, square, etc.). The SA-490 and SA-491 systems have fixed and rotating base pieces to hold the tube, suitable for horizontal and inclined sections.

Comenza, national and international benchmark in railing and handrail systems

The Comenza Technical Office collaborates daily with architecture studios and installers worldwide, accompanying them and giving them technical support during all stages of their building projects. Thanks to this, the company has a unique know-how that allows it to design solutions that facilitate both the prescription and installation of its systems. If you want to know more information about the new SA-490 and SA-491 handrail systems, contact our commercial team without obligation here.