Sistema de pasamanos RP-1410

New Handrail
System RP-141O

New Handrail System RP-1410

The Comenza RP-1410 is a fully modular handrail system adaptable to any space. It is designed for quick and clean installations, both for installations on glass railings and for Led wall handrails.

This new handrail system constitutes a set that provides exclusive and current designs to any project with glass railings and Led wall handrails. This railing system is characterized by its straight lines and elegant angles, in line with the latest architectural trends.

This system brings together the differential values ​​of the Comenza brand:

Design: Straight lines and elegant angles.

Safety: Handrail designed to provide stability and support to people and to give greater rigidity to the railing system.

Easy Installation: Fully modular system and adaptable to any space. It is designed for clean and fast installations, since no welds are needed, and all its parts can be installed using screws or Fast-Fix Glue from Comenza.


Comenza helps you:

Check prices with our commercial department. We will be happy to offer a solution that fits what you need.

You can download all the documentation you need on our website, such as types of anchorage or details of work.

Download the user manuals and videos that will help you to be efficient during the installation.

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