TF-580 cover

New TF-580 cap: the ideal accesory for GlassFit SV-1402 profiles

New TF-580 cover

The new TF-580 cap gives an improved aesthetics to the GlassFit SV-1402 aluminum profile, by covering the external mounting holes of the profile blending itself with the rest of its surface. Its grey color is very similar to aluminium, so both elements fit perfectly integrated.

TF-580, made of low-density polyethylene, will perfectly withstand extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight exposure thanks to its UV filter, that provides high stability versus ultraviolet radiation. Thus, the TF-580 cap reveals as perfect for glass railing projects, both indoors and outdoors

Installation process is quite simple: no tools are required for the job. Just insert the cap into the hole in the profile by hand and press it manually, so that it stays fixed. To remove them just use a flat screwdriver.


Dimensions: 25mm diameter
Material: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) with UV filter
Finish: RAL 7040
Packing: 10 units per box
Availability: immediate