Invisible railings to enjoy the horizon

On the coast of the city of Calvià, just 11 km from Palma de Mallorca, lies the town of Portals Nous, a top tourist destination with a renowned marina that looks out onto the Mediterranean. The Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous is located in a quiet residential area beside a secluded cove whose waters open to Palma bay.
The hotel is built into a large slope whose base serves as the foundation of the building. The bulk of the 66 rooms and suites are situated in a tower that is complemented by various facilities, such as recreational and relaxation areas, a rooftop pool on one of the levels and terraced outdoor gardens that accommodate the slope.

The hotel opened in 2017 after a major renovation of an existing establishment that took more than two years to complete. Dutch designer and interior designer Marcel Wanders has provided an overall cutting edge design that was required for a five-star rating, without neglecting sustainability criteria and energy efficiency. The spaces are transformed providing them with open and relaxed environment through the use of predominantly white transparencies and finishes. Thus, the southern face of the main level has large glazed windows from floor to ceiling, so that guests can fully enjoy the extensive views over the wide landscape. In the twists of this facade and throughout the east facade, over the cove, the slabs of each floor are extended, forming extensive continuous balconies that expand the interior space of the rooms without limits.

The main view of the Mediterranean and the horizon is reinforced by the installation of glass railings on balconies, terraces and roofs. The installed model, the GlassFit SV-1303 from Comenza, with the refined lines of its tempered laminated glass panels, is perfectly integrated into the architectural design. Its special support system, developed by the company’s RDI department, whose continuous profile of anodised aluminium is embedded in the horizontal finishes, facilitates the visual dissolution of the handrail in its surroundings, both from the inside and from the outside.
Designers and installers collaborated together at all times with specialised advice from the Technical Office of Comenza, both for a correct selection and use of the model, (providing storage, technical sheets, construction details in CAD, tests and certificates …), for its proper execution and commissioning.

Hotel Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous

Majorca, Spain

  • Glassfit Flow SV-1301