Contemporary sustainability for a comprehensive hotel refurbishment

A few minutes from the centre of the city of Palma de Mallorca lies Palma beach, an extensive five kilometre stretch of sandy beach, along which, right in the centre, within a wide rectangular plot, lies the Hotel Iberostar Playa de Palma. The C shaped building occupies the whole plot and includes a large swimming pool and recreational areas on the ground floor. The facades and jaggedly aligned alcoves, allow the rooms privacy and seclusion, while offering a stunning view of the whole of the Bay of Palma.
The complex has recently undergone a process of comprehensive renovations, which has allowed it to achieve a five-star rating within a key area for tourism on the island. This transformation has also seen the hotel be awarded the Rethink Hotel award within the category of the ten best sustainable hotel renovation projects in Spain.

One of the strategies used to reduce energy consumption has been to facilitate the entrance of natural light, turning the ambient light of the Mediterranean into another design material. The replacement of the old metal railings and dark woodwork by large windows with white woodwork and banisters made of glass panels on the balconies, eliminates any barriers which prevented light from entering, allowing the aforementioned views to be incorporated into the interior spaces, both renewing and updating the image of the hotel.
The white, sandy and blue tones of the interior and exterior finishes contribute to the creation of spacious and relaxed environments, which reinforce the holiday atmosphere.
An identical strategy in the use of materials and enhancement of the landscape is also featured on the panoramic roof, where the renovation has been completed with the installation of a solarium and an infinity pool.

The system of railings installed is a GlassFit SV-1301 model from the company Comenza, whose minimalist design, with panels of tempered glass mounted on a continuous floor profile in anodised aluminium, particularly contributes to the modernisation of the facade.
The panel is quickly and easily fixed into the profile with wedges, shims and joints, without the need to drill the glass or make use of auxiliary or specialised tools, allowing to speed up the time needed to install them and reduce costs of commissioning, which are very relevant factors in a renovation that has required more than a thousand metres of railing. The ease of installation is reinforced by the continued support and adaptation to the project by the Technical Office of Comenza, which provided designers and installers who recommended the modulation of the glass panels, the appropriate anchoring and installation, as well as complete technical documentation (technical sheets, construction details in CAD support, MEF and physical tests, certificates and storage).

Hotel Iberostar Playa de Palma

Majorca, Spain

  • Glassfit Flow SV-1301