Custom solutions for a refurbishment that highlights the essential

Costa Adeje, south of the island of Tenerife, is home to the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, located within a very large plot only a few metres from the Fañabé beach with amazing views of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean. This complex is structured in different levels that are positioned around the perimeter of the plot, where hotel facilities are housed, as well as more than two hundred rooms and a large central space dedicated to recreational areas, vegetation, as well as a swimming pool and spa.
In 2016, a profound renovation project was carried out to adapt this complex, built in the 90s, to the high quality standards currently required by a five-star hotel in an extremely demanding tourist market.

The renovation was carried out in all areas of the hotel, from recreational areas, which now include new shady areas and places to relax, to communal areas, rooms and facades. What stands out due to its technical complexity and the positive overall impact on the whole was moving La Cúpula restaurant from street level to the outer terrace of the central building, after the foundations and the construction had been reinforced.
The project, developed by the Canary Island survey ImpulsARQ, based on criteria of energy efficiency and respect for the environment, focuses strategically on emphasising spaces, eliminating the unnecessary and highlighting relevant aspects, to create a clear image of the homogenisation of the main details. Spatially it seeks to maximise the relationships between interior and exterior, accentuating the value of gardens, landscapes and views.

The replacement of the old metal railings on the facade with panels of tempered glass represents an important functional and visual change, which eliminates obstacles that prevent natural light from entering and favours exceptional views from the suites, rooms and terraces.
The choice of different solutions from the same range, the GlassFit system from Comenza, allows us to address a variety of needs by adapting the railing to each situation, whether it be for support, loading requirements, trims or finishes not only without losing the necessary unitary image of the project, but by reinforcing it.
On the highest terraces and rooftops, including the new panoramic viewpoint of the restaurant, a model without a top finish was selected to expand the visual references and make its perception lighter from the lower floors. At lower points the upper edge is finished off with a round stainless-steel handrail that provides a comfortable and ergonomic support. Continuing with the customised adaptation of solutions, the R-concept system is installed in the outdoor areas of the pool and the space dedicated to the spa: Easycable, with round posts made of stainless steel AISI-316.

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria

Tenerife, Spain

  • GlassFit Flow SV-1301
  • R-Concept: Easycable