Safety and agility in the execution for a complete transformation

On the island of Majorca, between Sierra de Tramontana and the Mediterranean Sea, we can find the Hotel Mallorca by Meliá, located on the beachfront and facing the sunrise in front of the bay of Palma. The large plot in which it is located, adjacent to the beach, houses extensive recreational facilities and large wooded areas which feature Mediterranean pines and palm trees, and which contribute to framing some amazing views. All of the rooms and facilities are located on several levels, the most important of them being 12 stories high.

The hotel has undergone an important transformation which focuses on a contemporary and attractive image, conceptually focused on design as a differential value, in an area with an abundance of hotels which have a more outdated image.
The facilities and interior finishes have been updated, but it is the exterior of the building which has the biggest impact, as it symbolically assumes the message of change and the redesign of the hotel. The facades have been completely renovated, including the woodwork and latch finishes. Thus, the worn ceramic finishes, from the 70s, have been covered with large laminate panels in grey, metal and wood. New double-glazed aluminium windows and solar control have been installed. Finally, and completing the process, the previous metal-framed railings painted in white have been replaced by a system of tempered glass panels that reinforce the new image of modernity.

The selected GlassFit SV-1301 handrail system, from the company Comenza, guarantees maximum safety, strictly complies with the specifications required by the Technical Building Code for each use and has an Applus + seal certification.
The previous railings presented a security problem for users, as they allowed some scalability. The now installed system solves this problem with the provision of continuous glass panels, firmly supported by anodised aluminium profiles which feature a very safe design. This profile, developed by the company’s RDI department, allows for a quick and convenient installation to be executed from inside the building. This minimise execution errors on site and speeds up delivery times, two fundamental aspects in a change of image of this scale, in which 1400 metres of handrails have been installed.

Hotel Me Mallorca by Meliá

Calvià, España

  • GlassFit Flow SV-1301