Competition, sport and interaction without barriers

On the central coast of Peru, located in the old region known to the indigenous people as Limaq, the current city of Lima, in the San Borja district, we find the old park zone 18 Túpac Amaru. This is a large area of ​​21.5 hectares that is surrounded by large mobility infrastructures and with other large facilities in the capital such as the National Bank and the National Library. 

This land has been hosting different public uses since the 1980s, until they became the current National Sports Villa and have been one of the venues for the 18th edition of the 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games. It presented a real challenge in terms of design and construction for Dessin Technisch, the office of Federico Dunkelberg and Sophie Le Bienvenu, responsible for the design and execution of one of the most modern public sports complexes on the continent in a timespan of just 19 months. 

Villa Deportiva Nacional

After this great objective, the city has come to have an important legacy of new sports, public and quality infrastructures, equipment for the promotion and development of sport and places for social interaction in a diverse city such as Lima. To respond to the entire building complex, different Comenza railing solutions were selected for each of the venues — Velodrome, Aquatic Center and the Athletic Stadium — and in all of them adhering to combine three key factors: safety of use, agility in execution and material transparency that allows the entire audience to enjoy attending live sports competitions, avoiding opaque elements or complex joints that make it difficult to watch sporting events and to subsequently maintain them. 


Following these guidelines, the GlassFit SV-1401 Top system was integrated into the complex geometry of the covered velodrome. This model is made up of a lower profile in anodized aluminum with a silver gray finish that is finished, in this case, with round stainless steel handrails to delimit observational obstructions of the track and field, as well as its accesses and circulations to the lower level. This choice allows pit teams and stewards to carry out optimal and continuous monitoring of each event.

The same model is installed in the upper access ring, stands and adapted seats with a fine and elegant upper U-shaped finish, also in anodized aluminum. In between, and as a protection finish for the track closing wall, a glass anchored to the back of this wall is chosen, as well as a round handrail finish in stainless steel, which provides unity and material coherence to the entire sports space. 

Aquatic Center

At the Aquatic Center with a capacity of 4,000 people, the same GlassFit SV-1401 Top certified safety model is chosen, with two different finishes. In the upper corridors of access to stands and circulation it is finished off with a rectangular stainless steel upper profile and without it in the areas of adapted stands and seats. In lower tiers, at the foot of the glass, the same solution is chosen with lateral anchorage to the concrete lower guard and without an upper profile. This solution allows viewers to enjoy close proximity to sports events without any visual barrier and high security. 

Athletic Stadium

  • Glassfit Flow SV-1401
  • Glassfit Gravity CC-775

La Videna

Lima, Perú

  • GlassFit Flow SV-1401
  • GlassFit Gravity CC-775