Curved glass railings for a special corner overlooking the Atlantic

Located in the heart of A Coruña, between Alfredo Vicenti and Pondal streets and a few meters from the Riazor beach, is this work, designed by the architect Ignacio Pedrosa Pérez from the Arqnova studio, which stands out for its curved corner design and for its façade in which the nearly 180 linear meters of Comenza curved glass railings in straight and curved sections take center stage.

The Comenza GlassFit CC-800 clamp system for glass railings has been chosen by the promoter Abeconsa Construcción for this project. The assembly of the railings has been carried out by the company Nova Cristalería from A Coruña, which has 35 years of experience in the sector. From the company, they have highlighted that “the installation process of the GlassFit CC-800 systems, both for straight and curved sections, is very fast and comfortable since they simply have a single anchor. In addition, thanks to the leveling devices of the clamps, it is possible to adjust once the glass is in place and this speeds up the installation. Therefore, it is possible to place each clamp in practically less than five minutes”.

Ignacio Pedrosa, the architect

According to Ignacio Pedrosa, this six-story residential building was born from the inspiration of a handmade sketch in which a perspective of the street was drawn from Alfredo Vicenti with Pondal. It is a very marked perspective in which the corner had to become the main feature and urban image of the building. For this, we needed it to be curved, since this  would allow us to enhance that sensation, therefore the railings would have to accompany the gesture, we could not rectify them in small straight sections, they had to be curved accompanying the turn of the façade. In this sense, the choice of curved glass railings was the biggest challenge we faced, but we have been very satisfied with the final result.

Azotea con barandilla de vidrio curvo

GlassFit CC-800:

The  GlassFit CC-800 clamp system for glass railings was chosen, mainly for its compatibility, but it also  allows longer glass lengths to be placed, and therefore to include more distance between the anchors, thus reducing installation times and facilitating a quick and inexpensive execution. In addition, it also has the LEVEL 3D and SLOT 180 leveling devices to be able to level and align the system correctly, avoiding irregularities and deviations that the slab may present.


Its resistance and rigidity  values ​​are the highest of a clamp railing system on the market, and it has been designed in accordance with international safety standards.

Fachada con barandilla de vidrio curvo
Fachada iluminada con barandilla de vidrio curvo
Azotea barandilla con vidrio curvo
Fachada barandilla de vidrio curvo CC-800

Residential building with curved glass railings

A Coruña

  • GlassFit Surface CC-800