Railings and handrails online configurator: find out the best model for your project

At Comenza, we want the choice of railings and handrails for each project to be a dynamic and simple process. This is why we have developed our own online configurator, a new tool designed to help you to easily select and configure the most suitable system for each of your projects.

Our configurator allows you to choose between different models and customize them according to your needs and preferences. Its intuitive and easy-to-use approach allows users to experiment with different options before making a decision, thus saving time and effort during the selection process while ensuring an easy customization of each system. In addition, the tool allows you to share your configurations with your colleagues and provides you with the full system’s details. You will also be able to download all the technical information of the chosen railing or handrail system.

How does the new Railing Configurator work?

1. Select the System: The Railing Configurator offers a wide variety of railings and handrails to choose from. Filter by product type, assembly, regulatory compliance, or section, to identify the system that meets the requirements of your project.

2. Configure: Configure the model with the handrail as well as with the accessories available for the chosen product.

3. Share: The tool offers the option of sharing the designs with other colleagues or contacts, to ensure an easier decision-making process.

4. Download the technical documentation: The railing configurator allows you to download all the technical documentation, which includes BIM objects, technical sheets, CAD details, tests results, etc.

5. Contact the commercial team: Through the tool you can contact the commercial team to get more information about the system you have configured.

The Comenza railing and handrail configurator has been created in order to save professionals time and effort in the design and development of their projects, to make the selection of the system and the access to documentation easier and the contact with the sales team more agile.

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