Sekkei Handrail

Designer Ryosuke Fukusada collaborates with Comenza in the development of its new line of Sekkei Handrails

Despite the almost 6,600 miles between us and the Land of the Rising Sun, at Comenza, we have set out to merge Galician and Japanese culture by developing our most special line of handrails yet. In our quest to find common ground with Japanese style, the Sekkei Handrail was born, exclusively designed by renowned Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada in collaboration with Comenza.

Sekkei means design in Japanese, and each handrail system in this line is characterized by a unique design and avant-garde aesthetic. Thus, we can find three different proposals that share a minimalist style centered around simple lines, in which serenity, order, and harmonious shapes stand out as the predominant features.

All of the systems in our Sekkei Handrail line are available in stainless steel (AISI 316), which allows them to be installed indoors and outdoors, in a gloss or satin finish.Furthermore, they are compatible with round, square, or rectangular railings.

Three unique designs

Sekkei ST-354

According to Fukusada, this design stands out because it is both robust and delicate, since the thickness of the L-shaped arm was reduced as much as possible while maintaining the necessary solidity, and the edges were rounded slightly to add softness. Indeed, it provides us with an elegant, delicately firm aesthetic.

It is compatible with square and rectangular railings or RP-1430 round railings measuring Ø43mm.

Sekkei ST-356

The ST-356 system features the same design proposal as above, but with a square-shaped base. This small change makes the straight lines even more prominent and gives the system as a whole a more geometric aesthetic.

It is compatible with square or rectangular railings (ST-356 FLAT) or RP-1430 round railings measuring Ø43mm.

Sekkei ST-358

The ST-358 system features an L-shaped arm divided into two sections, a horizontal one that is more cylindrical, and a vertical one that is more prismatic. This combination of shapes gives the system a touch of originality. In addition, the slightly curved nature of the front and rear surfaces of the prismatic part of the arm conveys a greater sense of delicacy, says Fukusada.

It is compatible with square or rectangular railings (ST-358 FLAT) or RP-1430 round railings measuring Ø43mm.

Each wall-mounted Sekkei Handrail system features an original, modern, and simple design capable of adapting to any setting.

Ryosuke Fukusada

Born in Osaka in 1979, Ryosuke Fukusada is a Japanese product designer and graduate of the Kanazawa College of Art. He has worked for Sharp Corporation as a consumer electronics designer and for Patricia Urquiola at Studio Urquiola in Milan, where he has participated in the development of design projects in collaboration with the most prestigious Italian designers and manufacturers. In 2012, he created Fukusada Studio in Kyoto and began working with numerous national and international clients. Fukusada currently offers a wide variety of designs for furniture, lighting, and household items, many of which have received prestigious international awards such as the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award or the APDC*IDA Design Awards, among others.

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