Glassfit SV-1702 Top

GlassFit SV-1702 Side

Lateral installation and multiple solutions that are precisely integrated into your project.


Design, safety and installation. These are the three areas in which the GlassFit SV-1702 Side shows its principal qualities. A railing system that offers multiple mounting solutions to precisely integrate with your project specifications.

The GlassFit SV-1702 Side has been designed in accordance with international regulations. Its design is focused on public spaces, meeting the specific needs of environments such as shopping centres and hotels.

Integrated design: Minimalist profile and reduced exterior dimensions. The GlassFit SV-1702 Side system is designed to integrate into any environment and give prominence to the project in which it is located, with a minimized weight to facilitate installation. It also offers the possibility of incorporating internal LED lighting, thus carrying out setting and signaling functions. Integrative design which adapts to the aesthetic demands of each project.

Ensuring safety: People always come first. The GlassFit SV-1702 Side has been designed with the goal of ensuring end-user safety. The system complies with the corresponding legal and regulatory technical requirements, verified with physical tests in the laboratory and accredited certifiers.

Ease of installation: Efficient assembly that adapts to the needs of carrying out each project. The symmetrical design of the profile gap allows both standard lateral installation and inverted lateral installation, solutions that, together with the reduced weight and dimensions, facilitate the work of the installation teams. The agility of the process can also be strengthened thanks to the compatible self-tapping anchoring system which provides faster assembly. Ease of installation to optimize execution resources.

One system, different mounting solutions.

The GlassFit SV-1702 Side is the product of rigorous R + D + i work in the Comenza laboratory. The result is a light, resistant railing system that is easy to install thanks to the different mounting solutions it offers.

Side Side Inverse

Reduced weight and dimensions: Less weight, smaller dimensions, same performance. The Comenza team has made the GlassFit SV-1702 Side system significantly lighter than its predecessors while maintaining optimal performance. The reduction of the surface of the profile enhances its aesthetic qualities, giving it a minimalist appearance and facilitating its integration into the environment where it is located. The reduction in the use of material also translates into cost optimization, resulting in a more competitive quality-price ratio.

LED illumination: Illuminated from the inside. The GlassFit SV-1702 Side supports the integration of LED lighting systems thanks to its new system of wedges, which allow the installation of light sources in the lower part of the glass, performing ambience or signaling functions according to the needs of the project.

Anchors for every need: A fixing for every situation. The GlassFit SV-1702 Side System supports both chemical anchoring and self-tapping. The chemical anchor simplifies waterproofing, while the self-tapping tool facilitates installation and reduces assembly times, helping to optimize project execution processes. In both options, the distance between anchors is 250 mm, a frequency that provides resistance to the assembly and speeds up the installation process at the same time.

Drainage systems: Always dry. The GlassFit SV-1702 Side System has a sequence of drain holes that allow efficient evacuation of water from the interior. In addition, all the installation possibilities admit the DP-01 drainage profile that optimizes the water runoff to the outside.

Numerous installation possibilities: The GlassFit SV-1702 Side supports multiple installation possibilities, adapting to the various architectural proposals defined in each project. It can be done by standard mounting or inverted mounting, and both are finished with either a trim or a cap. In addition, the TC-01 finish allows a suitable termination in ventilated façade or plasterboard-type sheet cladding. Different solutions result in inclusive results every time.

Technical characteristics

Anodized satin finish
caja LG A B C
1 2500 130 69,5 100
1 5000 130 69,5 100
Impact Wrench Torque wrench Drill hammer

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Accessories required for installation

SideSide Inverse

SV-1702 Side TF-580

SV-1702 Side Cladding CL-1702-1

SV-1702 Side Ventilated Rainscreen TC-01

SV-1702 Side Inverse TF-580

SV-1702 Side Inverse Cladding CL-1702-1

DP-01 DP-01


caja A B E
10 123 80 5

Drainage profile for glass railing systemGlassFit SV-1602 / SV-1702

PL-170 KIT

PL-170 KIT

caja A/Uds B/Uds C(LG) D(LG) G
1 13 13 2500 2500 16,38-16,76
1 13 13 2500 2500 20,38-20,76
1 13 13 2500 2500 21,52

Wedge and rubber set for glass railing system GlassFit SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703

PL-170 KIT-S

PL-170 KIT-S

caja A/Uds B/Uds C (LG) D (LG) G
1 15 15 2500 2500 16,38-16,76
1 18 18 2500 2500 20,38-20,76

Wedge and rubber special set for glass railing system GlassFit SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703

PM-01 PM-01


caja A
10 30

Joiner pin for glass balustrades profiles GlassFit SV-1401, SV-1402, SV-1403, SV-1404,SV-1501, SV-1602, SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703, SV-1801, SV-1801 RX, SV-1802

TF-580 TF-580


caja ØA A
10 25 3

Plastic cap for Glassfit glass railing profile