GlassFit FB-10

Comenza has developed a new French Balcony system

Render FB-10 Black Finish

The French balcony, also known as Juliette Balcony, is a security element for facade windows that protects against falls, without allowing exit to the outside.

At Comenza, we took as a starting point the traditional French balcony concept, to develop the FB-10 system of the new GlassFit frame range for balconies. This solution provides safety, ease of installation, and a modern design to any building’s façade.

Design and customization

The FB-10 French balcony can be customized in the colour required by the project, so that it matches the carpentry of the façade. In addition, this system is also compatible with LED lighting.

Installation options

One of the main advantages of the FB-10 system is that its design allows three different mounting options:

01. On the facade

02. In the window frame

03. Between jambs

GlassFit Frame FB-10

Different mounting options

Regulatory Compliance

We guarantee the highest level of safety for users: our systems comply with all technical demands within the legal and regulatory framework and they are tested in our labs according to international standards and stated certification labels.

Technical characteristics

Anodized satin finish
caja LG A B
1 Kit:2 Uds 1110 50 53

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Accessories required for installation



caja A/Uds B/Uds LG G
1 2 2 1100 12,38-13,52

Set for fixing for Side mounting aluminum profile for glass juliet balcony FB-10



caja A/Uds B/Uds C/Uds D/Uds
1 2 4 2 2

End cap kit for Side mounting aluminum profile for glass juliet balcony FB-10

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