technicals sessions

Success of the first Comenza technicals sessions in Dominican Republic

With the aim of introducing the Comenza brand in the Dominican market, the first Comenza technical sessions took place during March 11th and 12th in the Dominican Republic. These sessions were organized by our exclusive distributor JARABA IMPORT.

These technical sessions had the presence of Carlos Negreira (General sales manager) and Guillermo Nussbaum (sales area manager). Both of them went to Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros to conduct the sessions personally.

These two sessions had the attendance of the main installers, building investors and architects of the country. The attendees had the opportunity to get a closer view of the Comenza brand main values and learn about the assembly and installation of Comenza railing systems. They also discovered the services that can be provided by Comenza technical office.

Along the sessions, the attendees could assess the advantages that Comenza systems and hardware can offer through demonstrative videos of assembly and installation.

With a short introduction of the most representative products of the brand, these sessions highlighted the commitment of Comenza to the design, safety and ease of installation when developing its products.