Azenza Towers: Exclusivity in the middle of nature
Azenza Towers: Exclusivity in the middle of nature

Azenza Towers is a vertical residential project in La Uruca, San José (Costa Rica), which supposed an investment of over 30 million dollars. With its almost 80m. height, it is one of the tallest and most exclusive residential buildings in the country.

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The complex covers approximately 16,000 m2 of land, of which 6,000 m2 are green areas and trails. All of the 17 floors of each tower enjoys an strategic location: the residential complex has been built right next to La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the largest public space in San José and one of Costa Rica’s most visited natural environments.

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Garnier Arquitectos studio has designed in Azenza Towers a residential complex that is characterized by its clean architecture, in which the materials are used in their purest form, creating elegant spaces unified by the nature that surrounds them. All apartments and common areas take full advantage of natural light to illuminate and create spaces fully symbiotic with their surroundings. In fact, common areas become highly attractive spaces: the pools, the yoga deck, the gym and the bar, occupy a space called The Club House, characterized by its volumes and highlighted shapes, while being open the natural surroundings: both glass railings and large windows provide unique views by not opposing any obstacle to natural light.

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GlassFit SV-1301 glass railing system from Comenza was a key part in this particular. It has been installed in the panoramic Rooftop Lounge, in the office spaces of the complex, and above all, in La Casa Club, which dominates the shared spaces of the gardens and the pool.

The architectural aesthetics of GlassFit SV-1301 glass railing systems is immediately identifiable by its minimalist and straight lines, as a characteristic design of Comenza. The total transparency of the glass integrates the unique landscape of San José in the singular spaces of Azenza Towers, harmonizing them with their surroundings.

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Its unique design and the maximum safety offered by Comenza to the end users of its railing systems have been key factors for the architects in order to make the decision of specificating GlassFit railing systems. Comenza's GlassFit SV-1301 system has been tested to meet Costa Rica's building standards (loads up to 1kN, applied at the height of the handrail).

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SISA, distributor of Comenza for Costa Rica, has also been responsible for the installation of the glass railing system on site, for which they have had the support of the Comenza technical office, which has developed custom FEM studies, anchoring recommendations and load tests specifically tailored to this project, during both specification and execution phases.

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GlassFit SV-1301 glass railing system is made of 6063 T5 anodized aluminum, and is also characterized by its ease of installation, which saves time and therefore, also reduces installation costs on site.

Photo credits: SISA / Garnier&Garnier