Comenza’s Modular Glass Railings at Ryad Al Andalous in Rabat, Morocco
2000 linear meters of GlassFit railings on the spectacular Ryad Al Andalous Complex in Rabat.
Comenza’s Modular Glass Railings at Ryad Al Andalous in  Rabat, Morocco

On the grounds of what once was a zoo in the capital of Morocco, rises the modern landscape of Ryad Al Andalous, one of the largest and most ambitious residential projects on Morocco during recent years.

Ryad Al Andalous is a brand-new, luxury residential neighborhood that houses 760 flats and apartments, integrated into wide open spaces that favor outdoor living. Al Andalous is located in one of the best áreas of the city, Rabat Hay Riad. In the complex there is also a shopping center, sports and leisure areas, a large mosque, a school and even an academy promoted by the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

OUALALOUCHOI Studio, a prestigious international architects firm, was in charge of designing several of the new buildings of the Ryad Al Andalous, and opted for a modern design with transparent balconies filled with sharp edges and angles that finally resulted in a technical challenge. One that has been successfully overcome thanks to Comenza’s GlassFit CC-775 and GlassFit SV-1301 systems. Thanks to their easy installation process, the aforementioned glass railing systems have been a perfect match to the avant-garde forms that were proposed in the project.

Glass Railing

The innovative and cutting edge design of both systems of glass balconies from Comenza perfectly matches the modern balconies designed by OUALALOUCHOI, and contributes to give the project an exclusive and unmistakable image.

In this specific case, we at Comenza supplied more than 5000 units of its GlassFit CC-775 round standoffs, and 1000 linear meters of its GlassFit SV-1301, both installed with 10.10.4 (21.5mm) laminated tempered glass.

Both systems have been designed for safety from the bottom up, according to Comenza’s vocation for guaranteeing this quality to the end user. Proof of that is that both glass railing systems were load-tested (1kN) multiple times to ensure maximum safety.

Today, Comenza has become one of the most recognized international brands in the railings sector, and so architects from all over the world are prescribing our products in flagship projects such as Meliá ME hotels in Ibiza and Mallorca, Panama Town Center Mall, or Terramall center in Costa Rica.

Photo Credit: Lilia Sellami / OUALALOUCHOI Architects / Comenza