Comenza railings contribute to the preservation of over 600 years of history in La Parroquia del Sagrario, Seville Cathedral

The Seville Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands as a beacon of both architectural and spiritual magnificence, drawing visitors from across the globe. Its construction began in 1401, replacing an Almohad mosque, and for more than a century, skilled craftsmen, architects, and sculptors worked tirelessly to merge almohad, gothic, renaissance, and baroque elements to create this architectural marvel.

At the heart of the Seville Cathedral, lies the well-known Parroquia del Sagrario. This area has undergone several renovations in recent years to combat the wear and tear caused by the passage of time. An important element of this improvements was the installation of Comenza GlassFit SV-1402 railings. These glass railings bring about aesthetic revitalization and play a crucial role in safeguarding the space.


During the most recent restoration works at the Cathedral, an astonishing discovery was made: two underground galleries and cisterns with access tunnels, previously unknown, were hidden beneath the Patio de los Naranjos. Architects Ignacio Villa Barbacid and Javier Haro Geppi, in response to the Cathedral Chapter’s request, led this all-encompassing project, covering everything from the upper chambers of the sacristy to the parish offices. Demonstrating their commitment to safety and aesthetics, they opted to incorporate Comenza’s SV-1402 glass railings to safeguard the entrance to the revealed cistern. These railings were also installed in an exhibition space inside the Cathedral itself.

“We decided to install these Comenza railing systems because we were looking for a protective element that was as clean as possible, safeguarding both the cistern found in the basement and, on the first floor, the space above the vault and the remnants of Almohad plasterwork”, says architect Ignacio Villa. The use of glass not only honors modernity but also accomplishes a seamless integration with the historic environment. Rather than appearing incongruous, the glass creates a flawless balance between the past and the present.


The GlassFit SV-1402 side-mounted profile systems, installed by the Athair glazing company, stand out for their innovative design, which includes internal drainage and the Level-in glass leveling system. The latter overcomes the limitations of conventional approaches involving fixed wedges, offering an economical, straightforward, and secure solution.

We guarantee the highest level of safety for users: our systems comply with all technical demands within the legal and regulatory framework and they are tested in our labs according to international standards and stated certification labels. Additionally, these systems are backed by international certifications such as the Avis Technique, a certification issued by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building in France), which validates the reliability and safety of the products in the field of construction.

Ultimately, these railings not only provide safety and protection to the project but also elevate the visual charm of this historic space.

Exterior de la fachada de la

Seville Cathedral


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