Coming soon: Rail Configurator

At Comenza, we want the choice of railings for your project to be a dynamic and simple process. That is why we are developing a tool, where you will be able to choose, visualize and configure the railing model that best suits your project, in an easy and intuitive way. You will be able to share your configurations and to download all the corresponding technical documentation if you want, such as BIM objects, sections and details in CAD, trials, reports, technical files, etc.

You will discover the Comenza railing systems

– Advantages and benefits of each system
– Technical information
– Installation videos and manuals

You will configure your railing

– Consult the regulations
– View all of our ranges and systems
– Select the railing model you need and configure it
– Download the technical documentation
– Share the information with your contacts
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Comenza railing systems are now available on the BIMobject® platform that links complex technology around CAD and BIM with architects and the construction product manufacturing industry.

BIM is used globally, in small and large construction projects. It is the new standard that enables more efficient processes that lead to lower costs, less waste and fewer delays.

Most architects and engineers already work with BIM Objects. It is essential for new design processes and mandatory in many regions.

Your safety is our priority

At Comenza, we are fully aware that the most important role of railings is to guarantee the utmost protection of the users. To do that, we have a laboratory for trials and special software that enables us to simulate the performance of our railings in your project and run trials under numerous international standards.

If you need help or you have questions related to the safety of our railings, we would love to help you.

Comenza in the CYPE construction price base

  • Access our requirements documents
  • Budget the official consignments of our glass railing systems
  • Download the documentation in BC3 and Excel format
  • Get detailed information on our glass railings and transfer the data to your measurement software