sistema av-606


AV-606 Handrail Base: Optimized Design to Reduce Installation Time

At Comenza, we not only specialize in the development of glass railing systems, but we also offer a wide range of solutions for handrails, for round, square and rectangular tube options.

Within our handrail base systems for wall-mounted railings, we have developed the new AV-606 base for a precise, clean, and aesthetic finishing of our round handrail tube RP-1430 against the wall.

Minimalist design, enhanced stability, and faster installation

  • Installation with few components, for a simple, quick and safe assembly.
  • The NBR rubbers included in the base prevent damage to the surface during the assembly of the AV-606 and the tube. Additionally, these rubbers provide enough friction so that once assembled in their final position all the elements remain fixed.
  • It incorporates the SLOT 360 positioning system through slotting with 360º rotation. This device allows installation to be carried out even though the center of the anchor hole has deviated from its mounting position up to a maximum of ±10MM in any direction.
  • Available for glass railings with our ST-314 bracket and RP-1430 tube. Suitable to be installed between walls.
  • It allows the passage of an electrical cable to provide LED lighting into the railing.

Installation in just 6 easy steps

Installation av-606

At Comenza, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and safety. With the AV-606 system, we offer our clients an exceptional wall-mounted handrail base that enhances the appearance and performance of their railings, all while being incredibly easy to install.


Do you have any questions or suggestions about our AV-606 wall-mounted handrail base or any other matter? Contact us. Shall we get started?