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GlassFit Flow railings with drainage solve water accumulation issues on terraces

In recent years, glass railing profile systems have gained popularity due to their minimalist aesthetics, durability, and corrosion resistance. However, having proper drainage is essential to evacuate stagnant water on terraces and achieve optimal performance of the systems over time.

At Comenza, we are experts in developing innovative railing and handrail systems that comply with safety requirements and address the market’s demands and needs at any given time. That’s why all our GlassFit Flow aluminum profile systems have drainage options available.

What are drainage systems and why are they essential?

The drainage systems for aluminum railings are structures designed to efficiently eliminate accumulated water in an outdoor terrace area:

  1. They serve as complementary drainage systems, which means they complement the drains and gutters already installed on the terrace itself.
  2. They prevent the accumulation of stagnant water which is crucial to avoid issues like puddle formation, leaks, or structural damage to the flooring, as well as corrosion, deterioration, and undesired staining on the profile systems.
  3. By offering an efficient pathway for water drainage, the railings’ structural integrity remains intact.

“Drainage systems may go unnoticed at first glance, yet they certainly play a vital role in safeguarding railings and flooring against damage caused by water accumulation”

Comenza’s interior or exterior drainage systems

All Comenza’s GlassFit Flow aluminum profile systems come with a drainage option:

  • Interior drainage system:
    • This entails 8mm diameter grooves spaced every 500mm.
    • Drainage surface area reaches 100.5mm2/m.
  • Exterior drainage system:
    • It involves small aluminum pieces positioned at the base of the profile (top-mount) or on the inner side (side-mount).
    • To allow for water drainage, the gap between the profile and the anchoring surface is 5mm. It can be increased by stacking multiple spacers.
    • Being made of the same material as the profile, it prevents the occurrence of galvanic effects, avoiding corrosion issues and maintenance costs.


We recently added the DP-1704 to our collection of exterior drainage systems, suitable for SV-1704 and SV-1703 profile systems. Find it here.

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