Optimized GlassFit CC-772 glass railing system: more efficient installation and design

At Comenza, we develop and optimize unique and innovative systems that facilitate quick and easy installations of all our glass and stainless-steel railing solutions, while ensuring user safety. Our innovation team has recently implemented a new optimization of the GlassFit CC-772 side adapter system, providing enhanced functionality and more efficient design.

The new GlassFit CC-772 brings an elegant and minimalist touch to any project, and also integrates a range of unique improvements that make its installation easier and faster, enhancing the safety of every user.

Key installation advantages of the new GlassFit CC-772 system:

  1. Level 2D adjustment device:
    Using this adjustment device, each adapter can handle up to 5mm of floor irregularities. Additionally, adjustments can now be made by just removing the adapter cover, eliminating the need to remove the glass. This represents an innovative and distinct advantage in the market for a system of this kind.

2. SLOT-360 leveling device:

The SLOT-360 enables the installation even with deviations up to ±8.5 mm of the center of the drill hole for each anchor, in any direction. This ensures perfect alignment between adapters, saving both time and effort.

3. Mechanical fastening of cover and trim:

The redesign of the adapter allows the trim to fit into its cover and be mechanically fastened through the set screw located at the bottom of the trim. This ensures the connection of both parts, without the need for adhesives or other types of glue, which simplifies the installation process.

Regulatory Compliance

We guarantee the highest level of safety for users: our systems comply with all technical demands within the legal and regulatory framework and they are tested in our labs according to international standards and stated certification labels.

If you wish to set up your own custom side adapter railing, you can now do it using our new online configurator. This tool simplifies the selection and customization process for the system that best suits your project. Access it here.

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