Profile Trim

Profile Trim TC-01: Seamless Integration between Cladding and Railing for a Uniform Design

At Comenza, we strive to offer functional and simple designs that naturally blend in perfect harmony with the architectural surroundings. This is the reason why we developed the profile trim TC-01 for glass railings. This component was designed to achieve a proper finish between the cladding and the railing profile. Thus, the profile remains discreetly concealed by the cladding, resulting in an elegant and cohesive aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment.

The TC-01 is compatible with the SV-1602, SV-1702, SV-1703, and SV-1704 profile systems from Comenza’s GlassFit Flow line.




Key advantages of the profile trim TC-01 compared to other closing profiles:

  1. Efficient design for various claddings: The TC-01 has been meticulously designed to be compatible with various types and thicknesses of cladding. A single piece is able to adapt to thicknesses ranging from 11 mm to 19 mm. This adaptability makes the TC-01 an excellent option for various materials such as gypsum boards, wood, PVC, and composite panels. Being able to use a single piece for different thicknesses streamlines the design process and guarantees a seamless fit in any application.



2. Hassle-free installation

The installation of the vertical closing profile is both convenient and easy, requiring no anchors or adhesives. The TC-01 seamlessly fits the upper edge of the profiles on the floor and it’s securely fastened with its rubber components, ensuring a straightforward assembly process.

3. Diverse finishes to suit your style

The TC-01 vertical closing profile can be customized with the RAL color chart. This allows for a greater versatility when aiming for a more cohesive aesthetic in harmony with the facade of each project.




The TC-01 vertical closing profile for glass railings is defined by its blend of functionality and design. It is the optimal choice for those looking for a system that looks like a single piece, without visible joints or gaps between the railing profile and the cladding

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