Villa Alcotanes: A Luxury and Charming Retreat on Costa del Sol

Located in the coveted coastal city of Marbella, on Costa del Sol in Spain, we find Villa Alcotanes. This magnificent and meticulously designed property spans over 854m2. It offers an exceptional living experience where luxury, elegance, safety and comfort blend together seamlessly.

The GlassFit CC-775 side adapter systems in Black Finish have been chosen for this project, to provide security and design in the interior flight of stairs that gives access to each of the three floors of this beautiful home. The interior design studio specialized in luxury projects,Alexandra Studio, has been in charge of the complete decoration and interior design project for this villa.


Dominique Alexandra, the interior designer in charge of this decorative project, and director of Alexandra Studio, emphasizes that “from an aesthetic standpoint, the owners placed great emphasis on enhancing and highlighting the light, fluid, and serene spaces.” In this regard, using the side adapters GlassFit CC-775 by Comenza enables a seamless passage of light, giving a minimalist touch to this area and transforming it into an entirely open space.

“Our clients were very clear on what they wanted, and gave us the freedom to materialize a project that met their requirements, while remaining harmonious and sophisticated”, explains interior designer Dominique Alexandra.


The side adapters GlassFit CC-775 for glass railings by Comenza stand out for their innovative and straightforward design. The Black Finish with PVD black coating adds a unique aesthetic that aligns with current trends in interior design.

This system is notable for its ease of installation, thanks to the integration of  Level 2D device which enable quick and simple leveling of glass panels, even after their installation. Additionally, the Slot 360 feature enables the alignment of the bases with each other, using 360-degree adjustments around its central axis.

At Comenza, we also highlight our profile systems for glass railings in the GlassFit Flow line. Whether for top or side mounting, these systems are the ideal solution when seeking safety, ease of installation, and quality.

Regulatory compliance

We guarantee the highest level of safety for users: our systems comply with all technical demands within the legal and regulatory framework and they are tested in our labs according to international standards and stated certification labels.


Villa Alcotanes

Marbella, Spain

  • CC-775