New Black Finish
for CC-782 system
and accessories

Introducing new railing systems and accessories in Black Finish

The current trend in architecture and interior design is to favor darker tones as they provide a more elegant and modern aesthetic. Therefore, at Comenza, we are expanding our Black Finish line with the addition of the GlassFit CC-782 clamp system for railings, and the CC-736, CC-737, and CC-738 accessories that serve as glass railing connection clamps.


The Black Finish is an alternative to polished or satin finishes that, unlike any other lacquer, is applied to stainless steel products through a vapor deposition technique, or PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), that provides great resistance to factors such as UV rays exposure, corrosion, detergents and solvents, or pollution. Opting for the GlassFit CC-782 clamp railing system, as well as the CC-736, CC-737, and CC-738 glass connection clamps in Black Finish, will provide a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

GlassFit CC-782 Black Finish


The GlassFit CC-782 clamp system for glass railings greatly reduces installation time, as it allows for greater glass modulation (up to 1,500mm) and requires fewer clamps per meter and fewer anchor points. Additionally, the system features the LEVEL 3D and SLOT 180 adjustment devices that can accommodate any irregularities or deviations in the floor.

We guarantee the highest level of safety for users: our systems comply with all technical demands within the legal and regulatory framework and they are tested in our labs according to international standards and stated certification labels.

CC-736, CC-737 and CC-738

These glass connection clamps allow for a firm and secure fastening of the glass panels. Additionally, they provide an elegant and discreet appearance that enhances the beauty of the glass, while offering an unobstructed view.

By using these connection clamps, there is no requirement for aluminum or steel frames that may block the view and interfere with natural lighting.

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