Parque Santiago VI Shopping Centre

The Parque Santiago VI Shopping Centre is located in the south of Tenerife, in Los Cristianos, the commercial and cultural centre of the town of Arona. Its 23,000 sq. m are distributed over two levels of shopping areas, recreational areas and both indoor and outdoor carparks.

With its horizontal distribution, on slightly sloping lot, it adapts to the elevations of the surroundings, respecting the volcanic landscape that dominates the town.

The uneven terrain enables the project to integrate access to the outdoor carpark on the first floor, freeing ample exterior recreation spaces in direct contact with the street, favouring the pedestrian approach and mobility.

The volume of the building on the lot is clearly limited by the large horizontal openings and strong vertical planes that finish the top levels of the lot.
Open spaces and ample glass strips, interplay of volumes, angles on the roof and the setting into the terrain give the complex an intriguingly delicate volume.

In the words of architects Antonio and César del Pozo, “a great mass of rock etched with a glass layer” where, using broad panels of glass curtain wall, in a position subtly set back from the façade, the volume is softened, easing its presence and spreading shade. The choice of a dark colour in the carpentry reinforces this feeling of shade and the call of a comfortable temperature inside.

Throughout the building, there is a clear aim for a fresh and refined vanguard design, with crisp lines and transparent planes, facilitating an understanding of the space and framing the shopping experience in a unique way. The choice of various glass railing systems by Comenza, used both on ramps and on stairways and outdoor platforms, reinforces these key concepts.

The most iconic feature is the main staircase. The clearly profiled construction of the steps is complemented by the glass railings and steel handrails with a mirror polish finish (GlassFit Gravity CC-775 / GlassFit Flow SV-1200-2), achieving a transparent, attractive assembly.

The railing systems used, developed for both public and commercial use (category C3 in the CTE, 1.6kN), provide not only safety in use, but they also transmit trust to the end user due to the good design, installation and proper sizing —10+10 and 8+8 laminated tempered glass—, key to a project that seeks to create a pleasant, special shopping experience at all times.

Parque Santiago VI Shopping Centre

Tenerife, Spain

  • GlassFit Gravity CC-775, GlassFit Flow SV-1200-2