Strategic intervention for a new commercial image

We travel to San José, Costa Rica, to visit the Terramall Shopping Centre, built in 2003 and offering 58,000 sq. m of commercial and leisure space and making it the reference for entertainment time in the Costa Rican capital.

The broad expanse is organised on three levels: the two main levels follow an ample central corridor that acts as the main axis of the project. The organic path of this corridor, with variable widths creating special spaces, enables spacious common areas, with a dual-height section and walkways located at strategic positions that favour visibility and user orientation.
Both traffic and visibility concepts are accentuated by the circular plazas that finish the layout of this path.

The shopping centre recently underwent a renovation process to update its image, focusing on remodelling the WC spaces and renewing flooring and replacing the railing systems. Highly effective surgical interventions to improve the shopping experience and the customer’s visit.
The previous railing system, with metal framework and finished in black paint, using anchors that were prolonged with wrought-iron edges and thick handrails, in addition to an outdated look and its visual impact, making it difficult to look across floors.

So for this modernisation project railing systems were chosen to expand the feeling of amplitude while giving it a contemporary look.

On the upper floor of the shopping centre, the Comenza’s GlassFit SV-1301 system was installed, with round ST-314 handrails in stainless steel and a satin finish. The system of glass railings, with elegant lines and discreet anchors, integrates naturally into the curved geometry of some sections, reinforcing the visual attractiveness of the commercial spaces from any floor and lightening the interior mobility spaces visually. On the other hand, Comenza’s R-Concept: Tube railings were selected for the stairs connecting the ground and upper floors. Made in stainless steel, they provide a modern, functional design for the main point of vertical communication at the site.

Both railing systems meet the requirements for both linear loads and for non-scalability required in the current legislation for shopping centres in Costa Rica, fully guaranteeing the safety of the end user, which is an essential requirement in busy public spaces.

Commercial center Terramall

San José, Costa Rica

  • Glassfit Flow SV-1301
  • R-Concept: Tube