Comenza’s railing systems are chosen for the tallest residential building in Europe.

Located in front of Poniente beach, the Intempo Residential Sky Resort redefines the Benidorm skyline, offering the best views of the Mediterranean coast from its towers at 200 meters high. This building, which makes up the tallest residential complex in Europe, has become the new architectural icon of the Costa Blanca both for its height and for its contemporary art deco design.

The complex is made up of two twin towers with housing and community services, the upper floors are connected through a central cone or diamond where the most exclusive apartments are located. Due to the scope of the project, the railing systems required high technical performance, in order to have an adequate behavior against the wind. Especially important in the diamond area.

The railing system chosen for the terraces of the central diamond, has been the GlassFit SV-1802 Side due to its safety conditions. This profile system for glass railings, reaches a value of 4.5 kN /m of horizontal force. In addition, the SV-1802 Side, enables the use of very thick and resistant glass, making it suitable for spaces that gather crowds of people, or are subject to strong gusts of wind. The anchoring of the railing is another important feature, which is executed on the outer edge of the slab to maximize space.

The GlassFit SV-1701 Top system has also been installed in the entrance of the building. This railing system is characterized by its resistance and lightness, which makes it possible to reduce installation times by using tapping screws, in addition to chemical or metallic anchors.

Comenza’s technical office has collaborated in the execution of the project by providing technical advice, through MEF simulations, evaluating the mechanical behavior of the railing system and calculating the anchors for the transmission of forces. Also, the company’s technical team carried out the pre-dimensioning of the metal plate designed for fixing the railing system, verifying the wind loads at more than 50 stories high with pressure values ​​of 3.5 kN /m2 and the horizontal force of 1.6 kN/m.

The installation of the railings has been carried out by the company Singular Glass, who assures that the reason for choosing Comenza’s systems was determined by the security provided by the SV-1802 system, that enables the installation of its safety Sentryglass at more than 50 stories high.

Intempo Residential Sky Resort

Comunidad Valenciana, España

  • GlassFit Flow SV-1802 Side
  • GlassFit Flow SV-1701 Top