GlassFit CC-791 New Glass Railing System

Avantgarde design, complete security and hassle free installation

This new system has been designed following the architect´s requirements on minimalistic railing systems where glass is the main protagonist and the hardware provides for safety and design.

Minimalist and avant-garde design glass railing system
To ensure this, Comenza has developed a system remarkable for its exclusive, minimalistic and elegant design: in accordance to the Comenza design line, this system, thanks to its side mounting, allows a total transparency from interior and exterior of the balcony giving the sensation of 100% uninterrupted vision.

Total Safety
This brand new system has been developed to guarantee the total safety of the end users, and with this aim in mind, the company has tested and certified its GlassFit CC-791 railing system to be installed on private spaces like balconies in private houses, hotels, residential buildings etc.

No complications
According to the Comenza´s commitment to guarantee the installers easy, fast and economic installations the new GlassFit CC-791 system includes the levelling devices Slot 360 and Level 2D which enable a perfect alignment of glass panes.

This new system is manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316 grade and it is available in two different finishes: satin and mirror polish.

Referring to the glazing of the railing system, GlassFit CC-791 enables to install safety glass of 16,76 / 17,52 / 20,76 / 21,52mm thickness.


At you’ll find all the necessary info and documents (technical specs, CAD details, drawings, certificates and load tests etc.) that will allow you to do an accurate specification of this trendy and exclusive glass railing system.

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