Light, lightness and safety in a carefully designed integral refurbishment

Just two kilometres north of the city of Ibiza lies the southeast facing Talamanca beach. The Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay occupies a large plot of more than 12,500 square metres of land on the beachfront. This five-star establishment was born after a profound renovation of an old hotel built in the 70s, which took over two years to complete. The 20,000 square metre complex includes several restaurants and amenities, which are distributed between four floors and a penthouse that forms an open E shape facing the beautiful view of the bay. The building houses two large swimming pools and various recreational spaces on the ground floor.

The restoration project, carried out by the architect Álvaro Sans and the Arquilab team, looked to integrate the hotel with its surroundings. Therefore, traditional Balearic architecture colours and materials are used both indoors and outdoors, which create a relaxed and natural environment. The wood is present in the interiors, but it is also used in the roof and facade coverings where it acquires more relevance, providing warmth, nuancing the large surfaces of the façade and unifying the image of the building.
The second keystone of this integral renovation is the maximisation of the excellent lighting conditions and the proximity of the bay, enjoying views of the Mediterranean from a large part of the rooms, both private and public. The use of floor to ceiling windows, complemented by large open terraces, allows natural light to enter and gives a sense of spaciousness and permeability of spaces.

In line with the design, we opted for a glass rail system that further enhances natural light and uninterrupted views. The installed model, GlassFit SV-1301 from Comenza, with a floor profile in anodised aluminium for top mounting, has a clean and continuous presence that helps lighten the facades. It is also installed in the indoor courtyard, thus facilitating the entry of a soft overhead light that allows guests to appreciate and savour the interior circulations of space.
The meticulous design enhances the visual lightness of the system, practically enhancing its presence inside the rooms, while strictly complying with the safety specifications of the Technical Building Code for use in private and public spaces (loads of 0.8 kN and 1.6 kN).
The complete system, following the usual philosophy of the company, has been tried and tested in the company’s own test laboratory, and was certified externally by reference companies such as Applus + or CSTB, according to the regulations of each country.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Ibiza, Spain

  • Glassfit Flow SV-1301