The cutting-edge in design, perfection in the finishes

Adjacent to the edge of the promenade and the port, very close to the historic centre of the island capital, lies the Hotel Sir Joan de Ibiza. Its location is comprised of a plot of 1,400 m2 that is on the corner to two important avenues and which, in line with the tendency to provide establishments of a higher category without increasing the number of plots available, has been transformed from a previous tourist apartment building into a five star hotel.
During the process, the structure and the general, free and C-shaped building that faces towards the south have been maintained, completely renewing the interiors and giving it a new attractive and light exterior image. The building surrounds a swimming pool and dining areas on the ground floor, where the feeling of intimacy is increased and acoustic comfort is improved by using dense vegetation around its perimeter.

The whole plan on the ground floor includes common areas, such as the lobby and reception, catering and other hotel services. The first, second and third floors each feature twelve rooms with different views, all of which either have one or two balconies. The penthouse is split into two suites, located in a recessed floor of the facade, featuring terraces and private pools as well as 360 degree views both of the port and the old city.
This renovation project carried out by the Ribas & Ribas Architects studio, provides an avant-garde and very recognisable image of the hotel, creating a facade in which a set of white and glazed floors alternates with clear and open spaces, fusing indoor and outdoor environments and creating various effects including transparencies, reflections and light. The use of black colour on the woodwork and the fact that it is almost completely retracted on the ground floor, gives great rhythm to the building’s volumetric composition, highlighting the sharpness of its lines.

The glass railings are the natural choice for this sophisticated facade formed by the marked surfaces and transparent panes. A system of handrails, the GlassFit model SV-1404, has been selected from Comenza, with an aesthetics of very refined lines. This system also has a side assembly based on an aluminium profile in an anodised Y that is integrated into the architectural project, contributing decisively to the full and empty spaces, as well as allowing guests to enjoy uninterrupted views.
The advanced design of this rail system, developed by the company’s RDI department, includes the interior device Level In, exclusive to the company, which features glazing from the inside. It does not require special equipment or tools, which allows and facilitates to install them economically and safely. The device allows the glass panels to be fixed quickly and easily, in intervals of 1 or contributing to the perfect finish that requires such an exclusive reform.

Hotel Sir Joan

Ibiza, Spain

  • GlassFit Flow SV-1404