Fachada barandilla vidrio curvo

GlassFit CC-800
available for
curved glass

GlassFit CC-800 system, now available for curved glass railings

In Comenza we have optimized the GlassFit CC-800 clamp system to provide more functionality, thanks to its new PL-80 CURVED glazing kit, which allows the system to be adapted to curved glass railings.

This novelty, which was presented at the most recent editions of the Veteco and Batimat 2022 fairs, where it has been widely accepted by the attendees, stands out for its versatility, since it allows the installation of curved glass with different radius of curvature. This, added to the launch of the new glazing kit on demand and under the specific requirements of each project, makes the GlassFit CC-800 system one of the most complete options that exist today in the market.

GlassFit CC-800 system

With a minimalist design, the GlassFit CC-800 clamp system for glass railings allows longer glass lengths to be placed, and therefore to distance the anchors, thus reducing installation times and facilitating a quick and economical execution. It has the LEVEL 3D and SLOT 180 leveling devices to be able to level and align the system correctly, avoiding irregularities and deviations that the slab may present. In addition, it is available in three finish options: polished, satin and Black Finish in black PVD, and in AISI-316 or DUPLEX 2205 quality. The duplex quality is ideal for installation in areas with high exposure to chlorine, such as swimming pools.

Committed to safety

Thanks to the work philosophy of the team of designers and engineers in our R+D+i department, we can develop exclusive and innovative solutions that make it possible for all our glass and stainless steel railing systems to be installed quickly and easily, while guaranteeing the safety of its users in the spaces where they are installed. The GlassFit CC-800 system has been designed to comply with the technical standards and specifications of international regulations.

CC-800 with curved glass in A Coruña (Spain)

The GlassFit CC-800 clamp system for glass railings has been chosen to install in a unique project in the heart of A Coruña (Spain), between Alfredo Vicenti and Pondal streets. A few meters from the Riazor beach, this project by the architect Ignacio Pedrosa Pérez from the Arqnova studio, which stands out for its curved corner design and its façade in which the almost 180 linear meters of glass railings of Start in straight and curved sections. If you want to know more details about the project, click here.

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