New System
GlassFit CC-800


At Comenza, we work every day to continue improving our glass railing fixing and anchoring systems, to facilitate the design and assembly for our clients, without giving up absolute safety of these structures and offering a functional system that is easy and comfortable to install.

Glass railing Systems. The fixing systems for glass railings from Comenza.

An outstanding range from our catalogue, includes the Surface systems. These anchors are based on a system of clamps on the ground that hold the glass panels, giving the spaces great access to light, lightness in weight and spaciousness. Achieving contemporary designs, while adhering to safety criteria and offering a minimalist and elegant aesthetic.

Now, as a result of our extensive experience, our commitment to R + D + I and working hand in hand with architects, designers and builders, we have just launched the new GlassFit CC-800 clamp system.

GlassFit CC-800, high fixing performance for glass railings.

This innovative system allows the anchors to be spaced from 600 to 850 mm, thereby reducing installation times, facilitating rapid execution and allowing larger glass panels, upto a length of 1700 mm.

A finish with a simpler and more minimalist aesthetic that achieves a feeling of solidity and rigidity never seen before which maintains safety standards in accordance with international regulations.

Principal new features of the Comenza GlassFit CC-800 system

-Larger glass panels. This is an anchoring system that allows you to install panels up to 1700 mm. Thus, a cleaner and more elegant installation is achieved, with fewer elements that distort the views of the environment and with a minimalist aesthetic.

-For public and private spaces. This new system complies with the standards and technical specifications of the most demanding international regulations; Tests which have been carried out under Spanish regulations (CTE).

-Greater installation efficiency.Built-in technology enables installation without drilling the glass. In addition, the SLOT 180 and LEVEL 3D devices allow the panels to be levelled efficiently; which results in lower assembly costs.


In short, a system that is the result of innovation and continuous improvement of our products, focusing on solving the design and assembly needs of the installations and providing security and confidence to their users.

If you want to know more details about the new GlassFit Surface CC800 system, contact us. Commence with Comenza?