Glassfit Flow SV-1701 Top

Glassfit Flow SV-1703 Top

The system which maximizes the useful building surface


The GLASSFIT FLOW SV-1703 Top floor profile with top mounting allows the installation of the railing to be carried out both on the edge of the floor and on the cantilever. In this way, the architect can design larger spaces making the most of the available surface.

The possibility of incorporating LED strips into the glazing kit contributes to creating visually attractive environments.

Design: The minimalist finish of the profiles enhances the appearance of the property and facilitates the enjoyment of the views.

The system is compatible with ventilated facades using the TC-01 adapter, which is attached to the cladding while maintaining aesthetics and creating a sense of continuity.

Safety: The GLASSFIT FLOW SV-1703 Top floor profile meets the highest safety requirements established in international building codes for public and private use.

Comenza handrails have successfully passed the static load tests, in which a horizontal force is applied according to the category of use and a horizontal force increased by the safety coefficient established in the standards, and the dynamic impact tests. In this way, compliance with the regulations regarding resistance and rigidity is guaranteed.

Easy installation: The system facilitates quick and efficient assembly on site thanks to the possibility of using self-tapping screws and the optimized weight of the profile.

The installation is carried out from the inside without using auxiliary means, allowing fluid work and more competitive installation costs.


With this profile system, full use of the useful surface is achieved, by mounting the profile flush with the edge of the slab, or by cantilevering it up to 25 mm. In addition, it allows the incorporation of specific accessories to facilitate assembly with a ventilated facade and interior plaster panels.

Optimized dimensions: The design of the profile has been optimized to achieve better performance using less material, which implies a more competitive and lightweight product that is easy to install. The external height of the profile has been reduced to 120 mm to improve its integration into architectural aesthetics.

LED lighting: The glazing kit admits the incorporation of LED technology that illuminates the railing from the bottom of the glass and provides a differentiating visual appearance, fulfilling ambience functions.

All types of anchors: The GLASSFIT FLOW SV-1703 Top system allows the use of self-tapping screws when a quick installation is required. It also supports other anchoring options, such as chemical or metallic anchors, according to project requirements.

The system allows a 250 mm spacing between anchors, thereby reducing costs and assembly times, speeding up work on site without compromising safety.

Drainage: The profile incorporates special machining that favour an efficient drainage of the railing, preventing water from accumulating inside.

Ventilated facade: The integration of the glass railing in the ventilated facade is done in a simple way with the TC-01 adapter, a specific fixing system with which a correct adjustment is achieved while maintaining the aesthetics and uniformity of the project.

CL-1703-1 trim: To achieve a continuous finish, the anchors can be hidden under the CL-1703-1 coating that prevents punctures in the waterproofing sheet, or as a finish seen on the finished floor.

Technical characteristics

Anodized satin finish
caja LG A B C D
1 2500 120 150 100 68
1 5000 120 150 100 68
Impact Wrench Torque wrench Drill hammer

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Accessories required for installation


SV-1703 Top Cladding CL-1703-1

SV-1703 Top Profile Trim TC-01

CL-1703-1 CL-1703-1


caja LG A B E
2 2500 13 82 1,5

Cladding for glass railing system GlassFit SV-1703 and SV-1803

PL-170 KIT

PL-170 KIT

caja A/Uds B/Uds C(LG) D(LG) G
1 13 13 2500 2500 16,38-16,76
1 13 13 2500 2500 20,38-20,76
1 13 13 2500 2500 21,52

Wedge and rubber set for glass railing system GlassFit SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703

PL-170 KIT-S

PL-170 KIT-S

caja A/Uds B/Uds C (LG) D (LG) G
1 15 15 2500 2500 16,38-16,76
1 18 18 2500 2500 20,38-20,76

Wedge and rubber special set for glass railing system GlassFit SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703

PM-01 PM-01


caja A
10 30

Joiner pin for glass balustrades profiles GlassFit SV-1401, SV-1402, SV-1403, SV-1404, SV-1501, SV-1602, SV-1701, SV-1702, SV-1703,SV-1704, SV-1801, SV-1801 RX, SV-1802, SV-1803




Roller tool for fixing and removing wedges of GlassFit glass balustrades